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wardrobe check

Hi guys,

Todays post is about making your home a place that you love. A place that sparks joy. A place where, when you step over the threshold, you feel relaxed and at peace. This feeling only comes when you love your home, and this feeling takes some work to develop – at least it did for me. It took several years and 3 apartments, and it’s not until recently that I found happiness and satisfaction with my home.

“Does it spark joy?” – Marie Kondo

One of the big trends right now to make your home a place you love is by using the KonMari method. This method makes you question all the things you have in your home. You ask yourself “does it spark joy?” The method tells you to ask yourself if the things spark joy? If it doesn’t, thank it and then get rid of it by donating it to your local Red Cross store or sell it to someone who wants it. This method can be used for all rooms and things in your home.

Another aspect of this method is making sure everything has a place to be. I have a 4 meter big closet for my clothes, shoes and accessories. I have made sure everything has a correct place to be in the closet, and I make sure always to put it back into place when I’ve used it. I have a special area for my jewelry, where I can get a good overview of them and the necklaces don’t get all tangled. I have special hangers for my pants and skirts so they don’t wrinkle because they lay folded, and I use a drawer for my knitwear, because it’s not good for heavy knit to hang on hangers, since they will get deformed and get “bunny-ears” in the shoulders.

Folding my knitwear correctly using the KonMari method saves me a lot of space. Before I started folded my knitwear using this method they took up 2 drawers (yes, I have a lot of knitwear). Now I only use one, AND I have an even better overview of my knitwear. What’s not to love?

If you want help with optimizing your wardrobe, and miss the feeling that you always have cool outfits to wear? I will be happy to help you with everything. Read more about my wardrobe check here: (only in Danish)


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